Sunfish Races 

     The CLYC has sponsored sailboat races -- and occassionally regattas -- on Crooked Lake for decades.

     In recent years with the addition of students from the Crooked Lake Sailors, we have had as many as 15 boats for a race.  Julian Magnus, the Yoda of sailing on Crooked Lake since the 1950's, helped revive the sailing program as Rear Commodore in 2013-15, Babe Hack served as Rear Commodore in 2016-17, and Todd McKinney will take over as Rear Commodore in 2018.   

     You do not have to be a member of the CLYC to participate in the races.  However, all racers should register with the Starter and sign a release before racing (with a signature by a parent for participants under 18 years of age who are not Crooked Lake Sailor students.) 

     While we generally follow the rules of sailboat racing, the focus is on learning to sail and race while having a good time.  Racing experience is not needed to participate, and most find racing to be not just exciting but addicting, in part because Crooked Lake's unique shifting winds give everyone a chance of a good finish in a particular race.   

      The Starting line is in front of the CLYC

      The Starter announces the course before each race that includes one or more of the 3 buoys that form a triangle:  Buoy 1 is toward Conway usually off Graham Point, Buoy 2 is toward the south (Minnehaha stream) , and Buoy 3 is toward Oden Island/Oden Park).

     Starting horns sounds at 5 minutes, one minute, then Go -- and then for each Finisher.   

     Ribbons are awarded for youth place finishes, and an award is given each year to the winners of the Adult and Youth series.

     Racks are available to store your Sunfish on the CLYC property, and if you do not have a boat we can try to find one for you to use.